“Diary of a Dummy Board”- Horse-ing about

Today we begin the actual work on the primed and sanded board.

The primed board, cut to size. Note the grain running horizontally.

Basswood is good stuff- but you have to understand its little idiosyncrasies to be able to get the best out of it! There is a grain of course and as with any wood, you are better working with it than against it. This makes life much easier when you come to cutting. So we shall be working with the grain of the wood going vertically.

{I can hear you asking, with a chuckle- have you ever done it horizontally?….Stop that right now!} 🙂

Yes….and little bits fall off..so don’t go there!

I have a special small slope for painting minis and a huge floor easel for painting biggies! I bet you can’t tell which one I tend to use the most? I fix the wood to the slope with blue tac ( what ever did we do before that stuff was invented?) and this makes it easier to remove and re-attach through the painting process.

The wooden work slope in my studio with Julie's photo.

I usually have more than one project on at a time and so move from one subject to another, allowing the paint to dry between layers. This means I shall attach and remove the wood several times.

As far as I know, ( and someone, somewhere may like to correct me ) I am the only person painting in oils on basswood – and here I don’t count those furniture makers who paint their creations afterwards. When I say paint on wood I mean in the way of the early artists, those of the late 14th, and the 15th and 16th centuries. The only difference is I don’t put that strange mixture of plaster, glue and muck on it called gesso.

So here we are with the board attached to the ‘easel’. I have lightly sketched in the outline with oil colour.

This is normally all I do. No detail. Then I would start to put on the first layer. But that is boring for you to look at and might be a bit confusing. You want to see what we are going to paint don’t you?

Alright here you are then!
Not a very good photographer am I?

And a bit later in the day…with the first layer of colour added. Looks a bit ghostly wouldn’t you say?

The first oil layer

The Sharp Eyed amongst you will note that I have had to ‘square off” the bottom of the figure. ( the rockers). If I don’t do this, the figure won’t stand when it’s eventually cut out.

A word about mediums.No -not them –I’m not about to hold a séance!

I use Winsor and Newton Professional oil colours thinned with something called Sansodor- which is a colourless and virtually odourless turpentine substitute. The brushes are from various sources though I do like those from Rosemary and Co. and I don’t own one bigger than a size 2. My favourite size is a triple o.

Now we have to have patience again. Till tomorrow, when we add more colour and more detail!

I have just had an inquiry from a lady, asking me if any type of picture will make a dummy board and I have to say…nearly all. There are good shapes and some less good shapes and there are some which would be impossible to cut out . We have, I think, said this before on this blog in Sitting Pretty.… if you have too many sticky out bits- they are liable to be broken off! 😉

I’d better go and do some housework now…before my husband decides to divorce me! Sticky out bits or not!

Bye for now.

One Response to ““Diary of a Dummy Board”- Horse-ing about”

  1. julie Says:

    This looks amazing already,exactly what I had in mind !
    julie :0)

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