“Diary of a dummy board- The final furlong!”

I have had several e mails in the past few days asking me about the other pictures that I paint. I don’t want to go into too much detail here as this is a blog for dummy boards, both the larger ones and miniature figures. SO while The Lacemaker’s first coat and Belles ‘detail’ coat dry, I will digress….a bit and come back to Belle at the very end.

If you would like to see some other work please go to the side bar and click on either the picture of the Gainsborough lady – that will take you to some large dummy boards I have painted, or the picture called, A Gentleman’s Larder 1760. That takes you to Still Life oil paintings. All are at www.pastmastery.com

Other work isn’t featured on the website but I will put a few on here to show you the kinds of things I like to do….now and again, though of course, miniatures are my first love. There might be a few amongst them here.

I particularly love to paint wild life. The picture I sold at the age of thirteen, was a tawny owl in water colour.

Boxing Day, water colour 7 inches across

" Say Cheese" Harvest Mice, Water Colour, 2 inches

" Just a Nibble " Red Squirrel, Water Colour, 3 inches across

"Bird and Bubblewrap", Swallow, Water Colour 9 inches

"Vart Dagliga Brod" Water Colour, Wren and Cuckoo.

The picture above is part of a larger one which hangs in my hallway. I lived in Sweden for 4 years and it was painted there. The title means- Our Daily Bread- and the whole picture shows a man sowing seed in a field by hand, a woman in the Swedish regional costume from Mora, stirring a pot of stew in a hollow in the ground ready to feed the man. The Cuckoo is being fed by the Wren… the title is self explanatory. ( sorry about the glare… it’s the glass).

'Room With a View', Swallow, in a Cotswold Barn, Water Colour 12 inches

Just a few of my wildlife works.

My other love is buildings in limited palette. This means few colours, basically. I love the challenge of creating something with colour, from a black and white photograph. These are all created that way. Some of the wildlife ones were too.

" Remains to be Seen " Berry Pomeroy Castle, Water Colour 7 inches

Barn at Henley, Water Colour, 7 inches Great Hall Stokesay Castle, Water Colour, 6 inches

Barn at Caldecote, Water Colour 7 inches

I can, I have to say, paint in any medium and on any surface. I have painted in acrylics….but I don’t like them for anything but fantasy type pictures…those that are purely abstract. Not that I do many of those ( I will show you a few later on ). I prefer oils for larger scale works. Miniatures I can paint in either oil or water colour. I don’t , I’m sorry to say, understand people who say ” I can’t paint in….some medium or other…” or ” I can’t paint dogs”..or “I can’t do landscapes.” I think if you can paint, you should be able to paint anything. Not that we can all do everything well. Flowers, for example, are not particularly my bent…but I can paint them, if I have to. Generally though I’ll leave that to others who do it superbly.

Now -what you have been waiting for. Belle’s final coat, now drying. Don’t worry about the brown edge…that is the cutting line and will all but disappear when she is sanded. I was wrong, when I said in my last post about her…that you wouldn’t see a difference on the computer screen, between this and the last picture….I truly didn’t think you would. But you can.

Now we cut.

Belle- the Final Furlong.

8 Responses to ““Diary of a dummy board- The final furlong!””

  1. Bon's Mots Says:

    But the Gainsborough lady isn’t there! ;-{

    Love your wonderful paintings, tho.

    • pastmastery Says:

      Yes… for some reason…certain images come and go…dunno why. Lady Bon is back this morning -though Stephen has gone awol!

      Nothing new there!

      Thanks for your kind comments about the paintings- much appreciated.


  2. julie Says:

    The paintings are lovely, its hard to believe the size of them !
    Belle looks perfect and you can see the difference :0)
    Wonderful work Sue,
    julie xxx

    • pastmastery Says:

      Thanks Julie

      I really appreciate your appreciation!!

      It won’t be too long now before Belle comes home….you’d better get a move on with her abode :)}

  3. Louise Says:


    Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. I love the wild life ones.

    Best wishes,

    • pastmastery Says:

      Thanks Louise. They are the sum total of work of many years I have to say. These are the ones I keep..gotta keep some work haven’t we?


  4. Jain Squires Says:

    Sue, sorry haven’t been checking any blogs regulary lately. Belle is so beautiful, absolutely perfect, Julie is very lucky. My plans have changed slightly with my nursery roombox, but I most definately want to have some of your wonderful work in it. Jain xx

  5. Sue Says:

    Hi Jain!

    Great to hear from you Jain.
    I have posted Belle off so Julie should get her today…we’ll see whats she says! 🙂

    It’s lovely that I am being asked to make things for my fellow miniaturists rooms and houses!. It’s almost as if I had lots of dollshouses myself ….but better than that….I love to make people happy.

    Keep watching the blog…Sandra’s (Tower House ) will be one of the next dummy boards to pop up!


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