Taken in.

I have had a visitor! Went for a walk with Delphi Dog and met Julia in the Market Square….. good excuse to get out with DD. Damn cold though!

Julia is a very nice young lady who hails from the U.S.of A and who is doing a post grad at Oxford University – fairly local then… πŸ™‚ in The History of Art, and she has just been to us to talk dummy boards.

She wants to do an essay on them for her Masters and where else should she come, but to PastMastery! What wonderful fun….and very fortuitous that we are at the end of one short train and one brief bus journey!

Her interest is the same as mine…the social history side of dummy boards…what influence they had on the environment of the 17th and 18th century home, what they depicted and why. How effective they were and why. How easily were the folk of the day taken in by them.

Poor girl…she would have her work cut out if she was to start from the beginning and trundle through all the sources like I’ve had to do. She could never hope to cover even a third of the subject let alone take it in. It’s been twelve years of study for me! And I’m still learning! Good luck Julia- Keep reading the blog!

I asked for contributions to the blog, not long ago. Anyone who has a mini dummy board could let me know and I would feature it.

Let me introduce you to Oliver,

Oliver the Cocker Spaniel not quite 2 inches

taken in the raw painted stage before he was cut out. I created him last year for a very nice couple who have since sent me pictures of him in his new home.

Here is Oliver waiting to be taken in the Front Door.

Oliver Guarding the Front Door

And relaxing in the Sitting room.

Oliver in his very swish home.

It’s lovely to see what people are doing with my work. Please keep them coming. I’d love to see your photos of dummy boards…any kind will be gratefully taken in.

Better still….get me to paint you one…anything you like…. πŸ˜‰

Even- blue and white porcelain like the ginger jar you can see in Oliver’s home was made into dummy boards in the 17th and 18th centuries. The china kind were so expensive in real life that they would be made as trompe l’oeil dummy boards to be sold at a fraction of the price of the real thing. They were so realistic, they completely fooled any visitors to the house! Totally taken in they were!

It showed that you were a person with great wealth of course, and oodles of taste. The Queen owns a huge collection of Delft ( made in Holland ), which was amassed at the end of the 17th century by Queen Mary ( one half of William and….)

The PastMastery 17th century Lulworth Ginger Jar...1 inch

The Tulip Vase..looks the real thing doesn't it? it's only 12 inches high!

Mmmmm?…Must remember to get myself a few bibelots……bits of blue and white……What’s good enough for the Queen -is good enough for me. Better start saving. 😦

Better be careful..this could turn into an obsession- then I would no doubt be taken in.

AHa! I Got the answer…..I’ll just paint some!

( Isn’t the English language amazing…how many uses are there for- taken in?)

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