DOG DIGRESSION- dummy board impression.

I have just read ( or rather re- read )

because it rings a lot of bells…. well actually, it’s more a ” Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” type bell ringing ( though of course that is a Celeste…but you know what I mean!)  It’s a *tinkly* kind of ringing.

Small Dog and the haircut.

Now DD ( for those who have not met DD here she is )-

Delphi the Demon dog-

is at this moment
doing a good impersonation of a delightfully ‘devil may care ‘dog!

She is as you can see, inspecting the bed covers , checking her eyelids for spots, meditating on the meaning of bones and doing a very good impression of a dummy board! insouciance personified! ( caninified?)


This is an act.

One mention of the word ( and yes -you can spell it if you like but it won’t make a happorth of difference)  B-A-T-H and we go into whirling dervish mode!

NOT, because, I hasten to add, she is filled with dread at the word…but because she is  – a    secret     water      dog.

Yes, that’s right… Delphi the Divinatory dog ( is a closet Briard, a Portuguese, a Spanish, a spaniel, a mermaid none the less….she LOVES water!

A Briard -Is there a slight ....perhaps ...resemblance?

And last evening… when she came home from working with daddy ( he is a garden consultant…for this read….


She was a black dog with a few white patches…. and had to have…you know. of those things, (a bit like the “Scottish Play” ) that we can’t mention.

She swishes around…she stands proudly in the ‘receptacle beginning with B” and if she thinks you aren’t doing it quickly enough she will “biff” the shampoo as if to say ” c’mon then what are you waiting for?”

She is a very very curly dog and so daddy insists we use baby shampoo and baby conditioner…( yes well…we have no children you see – feeds his Fatherly  streak perhaps?) and I have to say it does work a treat. It does what it says on the tin…no tears or tangles.

So when I hear about other minimakers and their dogs and the trials and tribulations of b*** time and hair cuts ( that too she tolerates- and she cannot be cut but has to be hand stripped – ouch!), I am very grateful that I have such a delightfully easy, calm and composed  downright un-difficult dog as Delphi.

Right now then… I’m off for a bath!


Did someone say B A T H... perchance?

3 Responses to “DOG DIGRESSION- dummy board impression.”

  1. Debbie Says:

    LOL try bathing a Giant Newfoundland! We take Merlin to the Doggy Hairdressers, I’d never be able to lift the large lump into the bath. He does enjoy his paddling pool in the Summer, but he’s not sure about the Sea, I think the waves worry him..Silly Dog..

    • pastmastery Says:

      I am very glad DD is as small as she is.
      I think a Newfoundland would be wonderful… .but too much for me with my bad bones.

      Mind you did I say small…not as small as Sandra’s..that is one small dog
      Love Sue

  2. A little Brown to our White… « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] -A -T -H ! ( see Dog Digression ) More like an under – carriage swill […]

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