Dairy of a Dummy Board- The Tail End….

Last night we cut out our Rocking Horse. Stephen has just rung me ..a bit worried that I am letting out, as he said, ” trade secrets” about how we make our dummy boards. I’m not worried in the least. If anyone wants to learn to paint in oils, on basswood, like myself, then turn their creations into dummy boards, fine…as long as they don’t copy the actual figures that I make! A lot of us miniaturists are worried about this aren’t we, copying, judging from the comments I see on our AIM noticeboard? There are just a very few of us who make miniature dummy boards for sale. I have to blow our own trumpet a bit here and say that none make the detailed copies that PastMastery are able to produce. No one else makes them in ” the old way” oils on wood, as far as I know. ( If you do please..tell me about it..I’d love to swap notes!)

I think you can see, over these past weeks, how complicated the making of one of these figures is…so good luck to anyone who feels they can do it. I shan’t be upset.

Belle has now been filed – under B…of course 🙂 to take out the burrs on the edge of the wood. The next thing to do is to file and sand the edges of the back to bevel the thickness of the wooden table,in exactly the same way that the historical dummy boards were made.

Belle and her horse cut and filed

You will remember, we have spoken about beveling before. In “Just Hangin’ around”. This was done so that you could not so readily see the thickness of the board, or table, that the figure was painted on. If this was too obvious, the illusion of three dimensions would be destroyed. We shall do our best to bevel the back with a small file- in those important little places where the thickness is visible. It isn’t possible, as it would be in real life, to bevel every inch. The holes cut in the figure are too small in some cases.

Stephen and I have decided that we shall try to make the horse rock like the real thing! I have no idea if we can do it…but watch this space for the next instalment!

It’s just one of those little challenges us Miniaturists love isn’t it?

Just in case…I don’t mind admitting defeat online! 🙂

A bevelled Belle back

Tomorrow…. Belle has her stand attached and is painted, varnished and finished!

Then, off she goes to her new home. I hope there are lots of lovely toys for her to play with Julie?


8 Responses to “Dairy of a Dummy Board- The Tail End….”

  1. Jean Day Says:

    Belle is so beautiful, it has been so interesting watching your progress and all the hard work that goes into these.

  2. pastmastery Says:

    Thank you Jean ….. nearly there now.
    I’ll take a photo tomorrow of Belle in my ‘dollshouse’.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Julie is going to be over the Moon with Belle. Can’t wait to see her fully finished. I’ve really enjoyed watching the steps. xxx

  4. pastmastery Says:

    Thanks Debbie..it’s been real fun! There’s more of the same to come soon.

  5. julie Says:

    Wonderful Sue,I’ve just shown my husband the photos and he is very impressed too. As for the trade secrets, I dont think its about the method, more about the skill or the maker, we could all follow the same instructions and come up with a different miniature. When I get a gap in between fairs I am going to show a doll “work in progress” on my blog,it is just fascinating to watch the artist at work !
    julie xxx

  6. pastmastery Says:

    Thanks Julie…I know what you mean about the skill of the maker.

    We have, you see, had some bother with copying…and that annoyed him…but frankly…they were so awful that it was nothing to get frazzled about.
    But Stephen is just an old worry -puss!

  7. Sandra Says:

    I have been fascinated by watching the work in progress. I wouldn’t worry at all about copying…. people need skill and talent to produce works of art. Just knowing how to do it is not enough.

    I have been so inspired that I’ve commissioned Sue to do a dummy board for me too! It will take pride of place in my day nursery room setting (also a work in progress) and feature in my book in due course.


  8. pastmastery Says:

    That is so exciting Debbie.. us…in a book…about minis! WOW! What fun!

    Nothing like my stuffy ol’ tome…..

    Anyway… we shall be sending dear Belle off to her Toy Shop tomorrow- the end is in sight.
    And then we shall start some *new ones*… and of course, I await instructions for your figure with great anticipation!

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