Letting go

I am veering off a little in this post ( though I am still touching on dummy boards) to tell you all about the last major project that Stephen and I indulged in. It’s a 1/24th boot house..based on the children’s rhyme ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe”

We had never done anything like it before….never mind in 1/24th. I had never painted such very tiny people.

It was a project that was to take us over for the whole Autumn of 2008, evenings and weekends and we ‘unveiled ‘ it at KDF the following Spring. With its smoking chimney, its tiny little dummy board children and animals and the miniscule flowers growing round the base, it was an immediate hit with the fair going public.


Here is a picture of it…sitting on our dining room table….

There was an Old Woman.....

There are others on the website:


The house was bought by Mrs Gillian Ross of Surrey.

What she has acquired is the following:

  • The 1/24th house with lighting and chimney and the oil to make it smoke.
  • All the 1/24th dummy board children, who are doing all sorts of things including skating, playing whip and top, hoop and carrying various toys. ( there are about 10 of them ) These figures are all based on Victorian scraps and are incredibly detailed at just an inch and a half or so high. The smallest figure is less than this.
  • The animals… cat, goose and hen. Sadly I have parted with the dog and with The Old woman herself but these can always be commissioned and added later.
  • All the furniture and effects including a cast iron stove and a dresser with some crockery on it.
  • The contents of the loft!

All entirely hand made and crafted.

Here you can see into the kitchen/living room which is continuous over the ground floor.

The ground floor of the boot house

The old woman herself is just three inches… the tiny dog is less than an half an inch, the cat sitting on the roof isn’t much bigger!

Here is a picture we took when we displayed it at Kensington.

The boot at KDF

It’s all perfectly playable with and anything can be added or taken away as it pleases..

Here are some of the children…all oil on wood. They are very probably actual size on your screen!

Boy with posy

Boy with balloons

Girl with ball

The roof of the house lifts off and there is another room here ( which is a loft at present and full of stored items).

There are two further rooms…one a sitting room and one a bedroom…remember…”she has so many children she didn’t know what to do…” They must all sleep in one bed! 🙂

There will never be another one made. It ‘s unique.

So….Stephen and I are onto the next all consuming project!

2 Responses to “Letting go”

  1. Cats and Pigeons « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] on the train with ‘The Boot’  ( to understand this read…a previous post… Letting Go ), in a bag . It is now sitting in the Showcase in  the Foyer of  the Town Hall in Kensington. If […]

  2. pastmastery Says:

    And then SOLD….to Mrs Gillian Ross. I hope she has great fun with it!

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