‘Allo, ‘Allo…Night’awk calling……


Belle in the window of the Emporium. Well Done Julie for such a fine job on the shop!

Well – Belle is happily ensconced in her Toyshop window

A closeup.. she looks a happy little girl!

and we are now about to embark on our third project online…the dummy board of a French Waiter ( whom we have christened René. ) You will all remember the wonderfully funny television series, ‘Allo, ‘Allo! with its contantly stressed cafe owner, René Artois. Stressed, of course because of the ” knockwurst containing the picture of the fallen Madonna, with the big …*you know whats*, by Van Clomp”…if you haven’t a clue what we are talking about then go to:

‘Allo ‘Allo

and you will begin to understand.

Or not as the case may be….

Our cafe owner looks very much as if he would be at home in Nouvion!
My client has sent me a tiny picture which I have scanned into the computer and blown up. ( no bombs present at this juncture.) 🙂

Our black and white French waiter

She would like a 1/24th creation and so the finished figure will be just two inches tall. It is to go into a smaller scale Bistro type cafe which is being made by my client, as a present. (Shhhh- It’s a secret).

So here we have the figure transferred to primed basswood, grain going vertically and painted in umber coloured oil paint. Now- we can see that this is not going to be an easy figure to cut out. The tiny bottle on the tray and the tray itself pose problems.

We may find that we have to brace the back of the figure at this point to give it stability.

This sort of thing was often done in history, with the larger dummy boards. Sometimes the damage had already been done and the broken piece was re-attached with a bracing bar at the back. Sometimes the maker thought that his design was vulnerable and he would attach a brace, just in case.

Below you see what I mean….

The back of the Norwich man showing bracing.

This is a large 18th century figure of a Inn keeper with a considerable amount of bracing. Belt and braces, I would say… 😉

( The figure is at the Strangers Hall Museum in Norwich, Norfolk, U.K. )

Our little figure doesn’t need that much but we are going to be a itsy bitsy bit worried when it comes to cutting out that tray – so we shall see.

Now to paint in the basic oil layer and wait for him to dry.

Of course he is not terribly colourful, so we shall at the same time be continuing with the nice and bright Lace Maker we started a while ago and work on the two together.

When we left her, The Lace Maker was drying with the first oil layer. Now we have the second applied and some of the detail is beginning to emerge. I shall need to work day and night, with everything I have going on at the moment,  to turn this image from the flat page to a three D dummy board.

You might say…I too must be a night’awk 🙂

It will be quite a challenge to go from one figure to the other; from 1/12th scale to the other in 1/24th but we shall manage….I hope. Our lacemaker is much more complicated than the 1/24th waiter who should be able to be finished in much less time.

“Swiftly and with style” as Allo Allo’s M. Alphonse, would say. 🙂

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  1. henDuroSunD Says:

    I really love your style of writing, very remarkable.
    Don’t give up and keep penning posts for the simple reason that they are jolly good fun to read.
    Am excited to find out more about your subject and like reading such well written stuff. Thankx 🙂

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