Oh what a beautiful mornin’ !

“singing” Oh what a beautiful mornin’

Oh what a beautiful day,

I got a beautiful feelin’ Everything’s going my way!

( Rogers and Hammerstein -Oklahoma ) – it’s fine… I can sing….

After my luck in the last few days do you think I’m maybe, tempting fate, mocking the Gods, courting danger, asking for trouble?

But I have to say the weather has made me feel better and I had a bit of a rest yesterday whilst I fiddled with Facebook…. DD has gone with ‘Daddy’ to work where she will be frogging and chasing rabbits all day, so for me, today – it’s on with ‘work.’

Here is the mini fireboard ready for its first drawing. The piece of wood is quite tiny. The grain must go vertically in nearly all my work as ( you have seen this before ) the detail is difficult to cut out if you are against the grain. Here, though, it doesn’t really matter as this is a rectangular piece and there is no nail biting cutting! 😉

Basswood for the fireboard

Sandra kindly sent me some photos of the sort of doll she thinks our girl should hold.

Two lovely ladies

So we shall do our best to make her look something like this. She will be very tiny, our little doll but we ‘ll see what is possible.Here then is the Lydiard girl drawn onto her basswood. There is a space for small dog as Sandra -waving arms here 🙂 – has yet to take THE photograph!

Sandra's dummy board

Sandra’s nursery room box – Tower House Dolls– is to be decorated in pink, blue and other nice pale pastel colours so we shall need to ‘doctor’ the image a little to change the colour. If you remember, the Lydiard girl is a’ copy’ of a probably older figure which I have named the Easton Neston girl ( now lost). The only photo we have is in black and white and so we can do what we like with the colours there. The Lydiard girl has had some water damage ( I think ) to her table so she will need a bit of licence there too, to fill in the detail. ( for a look at these originals go to: You lose some, you win some. )

All in all… a very satisfying challenge today.

See why I’m singing?



I have now worked on the Lydiard Girl for about half an hour. Here is what we have with her first coat of oil paint.

First coat, pretty colours

I am using:

Mixing white ( a lot ) as most of the shades I shall use will be pastel.                           Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey, Sap Green, French Ultramarine and Cadmium Deep Red Hue – all Artists permanent oil colours.

The girl will have  straw blond hair in ringlets, a pale blue skirt which will have pale pink and green sprigs, a pale green overdress drawn up with pale pink flowers, ( I’ve dotted some in so you can see ), white sleeves and small pinky red shoes. Her doll will be primarily baby pink. I will fade her feet into the ground and sit Small Dog on the same background, which will give the dummy board quite a bit of depth.

There isn’t much to see in the way of depth yet but there will be with the second coat. She has to dry for a while now. As we can’t see the face well on the black and white photo and this is without doubt a prettier  figure than the Lydiard girl….I’ll use that on which to base a ‘new’ face.

Cor! If only it was that simple in real life! 🙂

Next post? Cats.

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