The Camera Never Lies

Well…here we are back from a hectic weekend!

First St. George’s day revels and incidentally, Delphi Dog’s birthday. Then Stephen gave a lecture on garden design on Saturday morning ( see Preston Bissett Nurseries blog ) and afterwards we went to the Adderbury day of dance to watch the morris.We then travelled to Wiltshire to see my mother on Sunday. It was her 80th birthday. Who said weekends were for Rest and Recuperation? Real Life isn’t like that.

Back in the land of the dummy board…not real life at all….but one that can convince you that it is.

Have a look at this wonderful dummy board that was sent to me by Loa C. Winter. It was snapped in a Finnish Forest and is so realistic it would really fool you into thinking there was a lady there! Thanks Loa.

A forest fright... you might think you had seen a ghost!

On the Victoria and Albert site, there is a wonderful dummy board painted by John Ronayne of a member of the security staff in his warder’s uniform at the museum in 1977. It was part of an exhibition entitled ” It’s not really there ” and I think it’s the finest figure I have ever seen. It’s modern of course.

The Victoria and Albert warder

People have been asking me why this fantastic art form died out. Well yes it largely did as a painted form ( and to see my answers go to Every Dog has its day….), but look around you…. you can see dummy boards everywhere in almost every walk of life.

The photographic dummy board

They are most usually to be seen as point of sale displays….photographic of course. Others concentrate on famous people. If you want to have the Incredible Hulk as a dummy board then you can have that too…though why anyone would……? I suppose if you are a devotee………?

Thank you Ratchet's Hulk collection.

There are even companies who will produce a photograph of you as a dummy board. A friend of mine did just that and had them dotted around at his 50th birthday party! GREAT FUN!

So whilst they aren’t mainstream folk art any longer, they still exist.

Even in miniature. If you had a modern miniature shop, for example, you too could have a point of sale dummy board. Choose an image and PastMastery can make a photographic figure for you. They are made in exactly the same way as the hand painted ones, except they are photographs fixed to a piece of basswood and cut out and finished as dummy boards.

I have recently made a photographic figure of a particular lady herself, dressed in Venetian costume, complete with mask, for her husband’s birthday present.

She is now standing in their own dolls house. The best of both worlds.

Photographic dummy boards have even been used to deter criminals.


You might think twice if you just caught a glimpse of this nice young police lady lurking by a 30 mph. sign 😉

Problem is….. the dummy boards are such fun…they get stolen! 🙂

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