The Devil makes work…..

The pictures of Small dog arrived a short while ago and I set to, to paint her into the Lydiard Girl miniature dummy board. Sandra says in her latest post, Self Flagellation ( hmmm?) that she is about to tackle the room box which is to be the Nursery where Small Dog and her friend will live. I had better get on then or I will be in a devil of a trouble with Sandra. I hope to be able to take this dummy board with me when I visit the Kensington Dollshouse Festival next week.

This is what we had when we drew her in and put on the first layer of oils. You can see ( through her ) where I added the words Small Dog to the wood.

The Lydiard Girl and her Best Friend

On reflection, we shall have  to add a bit more background to the bottom as Small Dog is very hairy and if we put her against white we shan’t see the detail of her lovely head as well, so I am making the stand bigger. They will look as if they are standing on a flat surface when all the final shadows go in. Her ears will stick out nicely from the top and we shall, when we cut it out, get as close as possible to the hair of Small Dog’s head….like here when we did the West Highland Terrier.

The West Highland Terrier at one inch

Dogs are my absolute favourite to paint…but then I love the real thing don’t I?

Dogs in miniature are a challenge and I love to do them. I’ve done quite a few over the years. You have met Oliver the Cocker Spaniel in the post Taken In . I did another wonderful Cocker Spaniel (at not quite two inches ) dummy board the original of which is painted on thick glass!

My all time favourite is this one which I have used for my advert for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in the past… she is such a beautiful creature and apparently her descendants are still around!

The Great Dane Verinda of Send and friend Flossie the cat

I do quite a few dog portraits in water colour especially around Christmas when people really like to give them as presents. ( go to ) to have a look at some I’ve done They are ideal for the person who has everything and for those to whom you have no idea what to give!

But tiny ones are the portraits I really like to do. Small Dog for example, is proving fun to do.

I’ve never done a Yorkshire terrier before. Well…..there’s a first time for everything. 😉

Details  like the highlights in her hair and the proper colours of her coat will go on later. She has such lovely sparkly eyes and those  two (too )  🙂 will be picked out properly in the last layer. The paints we are using for her are

  • Paynes Grey…such a wonderful blue black which is ideal for dogs.
  • Yellow Ochre – this for the shadows on the white and brown parts of her coat
  • Raw Umber
  • Mixing White and
  • Flake white, which is indispensible for the highlights and of course that special touch in the eye to make her look alive!
  • For the background there is a mixture of Raw Umber and Chrome Yellow with a tiny touch of Sap green. The shadows will be added in plain Raw Umber.

Beginning to look more like Small Dog and less like a bath mat with the third layer of paint on!

Now she will have to dry and perhaps on Friday we can put the final touches to her. She will look less ‘fat in the face’ then as we shall indent the hair from the background colour. But then…if she keeps eating ice cream like she does ( and I am told she is somewhat of a connoisseur ) perhaps not! 🙂

Our second project is nearing completion too. Busy busy….busy.

The fireboard of the small kittens and their mother cat. There is just a little to do here.

Some detail to be added to the kittens and the background. The shadows also need strengthening and blending on the material covering the basket. I have to say this has been quite challenge as it’s so small. But not as small as my previous kittens I have to say!

You can see those if you go to

Iam ver egelidos refert tepores

This afternoon I shall work on Whimsicals….

The devil makes work for idle hands!

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