Cafés, Cottages and Chemists

It looks as if poor old René was delayed in the dust cloud and all the problems with aeroplanes! But at last here he is in his new home. His new owner has sent me a photo of the cafe. Very French!

The Black Cat Cafe.....somewhere in France

Nice to see him settled in and hard at work! Where are all the customers though? AH…they too are stuck in the dust cloud delays I expect 😉

The lady, who owns René has also sent me a few pictures of her very ingenious houses. They are made from the lids of old Singer sewing machine cases! How clever is that!

Here we have the Fisherman’s cottage

The fisherman's cottage

And then two views of the Gamekeeper’s cottage.

Inside and out. You can see they were once sewing machine boxes!

Very cosy

Very cosy indeed!

Thank you Sheree for sharing this with us!

Sheree is about to embark on making a Tudor house and whilst historic dummy boards, of course, didn’t exist at the time of the Tudors, it doesn’t matter what we do now. Sheree has asked us to make a dummy board for this new house, based on a picture of a Tudor person.

Did I say that Tudor dummy boards didn’t exist? Well, no, the actual form of the dummy board, as  all of us who have been reading this blog, know, is a 17th century invention. But there are a few ‘old ones’ around.

What about this one…..? Ah yes… made for the theatre no doubt in the 19th century.But not really Tudor.

This sort of commission is not new for us here at PastMastery. We made a 1/12th Apothecary last year for display in a bothy.  In the picture below ( at the end of this post)   he is shown on our stand at the front of the display house, with some of his wares. He comes from even further back in time….the 14th century.

The Master Apothecary full sized figure in situ. Such a wonderful light effect!

The Master Apothercary is an historical name for a medical person male or female who formulated and dispensed medicines  to physicians, surgeons and often patients themselves— a role now served by a pharmacist or a chemist.
The original figure is a late 20th century dummy board figure specially designed for an historical reconstruction of an Apothecary’s house at a museum of medieval life, in Stratford Upon Avon ,Warwickshire, England and painted on plywood in acrylic paints, this dummy board was very effective in the dark environment of the wattle and daub booth made to house him. We don’t know who painted him but it was obviously a competent artist for the depiction of his weathered face is very good indeed.
Sadly the museum is no longer functioning and the dummy board is now lost but I captured it on camera and it is part of the database of dummy boards I hold. Hopefully someone thought him nice enough to rescue and we hope he is happy in a new home…..somewhere.

This miniature version would be very at home in a medieval dollshouse, castle or bothy. Of course, he doesn’t have to be an apothecary, he might just be a cook selecting the herbs to flavour his latetst soup! 🙂

If I can get the ‘owner’ of our Master Apothecary to send me a picture of him in his new abode, I’ll post it here on the blog.

EVENING EDITIONread all about it!

I’ve just had a few more pictures of the ‘sewing machine house’ from Sheree and thought I would share them with you.

Here is another view of the Fisherman’s cottage. He is selling his catch from the little shop at the side of his house….and guess what? The fish are made by our very own AIM member, MAGS of Mags-nificent Miniatures.

The Fisherman's Rest

Here is what his house looks like inside.

The Fisherman's cottage close up

And…oh…René has some evening trade at last!

The Black cat cafe....with customers!

9 Responses to “Cafés, Cottages and Chemists”

  1. Jean Day Says:

    Hi Sue, I just love these, I have old sewing machines with lovely covers and this makes such a great way to use them. I really like your Master Apothecary and so wonderful he comes with a history. Rene looks so happy in such a perfect setting. Thanks for sharing these!!

  2. pastmastery Says:

    Thanks Jean.I’m wondering if Sheree’s ‘Singer houses’ should be featured in the AIM Magazine?

  3. SallyCat Miniatures Says:

    What a wonderful idea1 i have an od singer of my mother’s and had contemplated making a sewing room in it but your house has tempted me further.

  4. wendie Says:

    what a great idea! I love my old singer very much although it doesnt work and just sits about gathering dust, I just dont have the heart to cut mine up & convert it…. but its very tempting!! thanx for sharing x

  5. Mags Cassidy Says:

    I just love these, Sue.
    It is lovely to see my contributions, too.

    Igma Artisan. (as from today – so excited)

  6. pastmastery Says:

    Thanks Mags

    If we can join forces…any of us… in any projects, I think it’s a good thing.
    Especially when one of us is an IGMA artisan!
    Well done you…you deserve it!.

  7. Black, white and colour « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] Tea Shoppe, housed in an Elizabethan half timbered building. They may even have been, as was the Master Apothecary I mentioned in a recent post, a display in a museum or themed […]

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