Double Entendre….moi…?

Now that we are having a bit of a rest between commissions ( not much though ) and have explored a bit more of the world of the full sized dummy board, it’s time we went back to one of the first figures we painted here on the blog. You remember the lovely Lace Maker by Caspar Netscher, we started some time ago? The finished figure has been with her new owner for a while now but I haven’t documented the actual end of her so we shall look at how we finished her off! 😉

This is how she looked when we last left her.

The lace maker - not quite finished

It’s wonderful how, on this picture, you can see the wood grain underneath the figure. That’s how I like them to look in real life. We must remember that the original dummy boards are made of wood and that if we are being true to our original form, we should also make sure that the miniature figures we make look as though they are made of wood too. A small point but an important one. No one wants a hand painted figure that looks as if it’s been printed on plastic!

Above:the painting is finished, she has her PVA layer { If you don’t comprehend this… and I’m not surprised..then go here – Coming a cropper } and is ready to cut…several steps forward of the first photo you see in this post . Note that the first approach is into the body of the wood through the largest area, towards her middle.

The first cut

The second cut into the middle

The first piece comes away. We aren’t cutting into the figure yet…just round her.

The first piece is off!

Now we are in a position to go around her left arm and over the lace she is making, close to…..

Round her knee...!

…over the knee and down. ( sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it?)

Down to the bottom!

Then we go up to her chin and cut a    ‘V’. The blade is turned as much as it can be, ( remember it’s rigid and won’t go round corners!)… {does sound rude!}

Into her false move...and it's curtains.... 🙂

Here it is being guided around her head. ( HEAVENS!)

Round her head...

Guiding it around her neck

The straight of her back is cut, and the tiny ‘v’ shape is indented into the nape of her neck. (phew!)

The next process involves making small adjustments to her back where the folds of her jacket are rumpled up. { I’m not surprised…  😉  }

Lastly, the base is cut straight with a knife.

The base is cut

I am generally terrible at making sure the base is straight. Stephen has his work cut out ( forgive the pun ) and I often have  to add a tiny bit here and there to make it even. Nowadays I tend to paint in too much base and Stephen is able to cut it off, without too much nonsense. 😉 …..Perhaps a reaction to the grumbling…”AND just  what am I supposed to do with this?” LOL

So here she is cut and in her rough state. The tiniest adjustments will be made with the file and sandpaper.

Here we are filing her face… no- I said FILING…..

We’ll have to make quite a steep bevel on her face otherwise she will look as if she has a double chin!

Round her tiny nose..

The bevel is filed and the whole thing is sanded. A layer of PVA is painted carefully onto the edges to prevent burring. She is now ready for the base to be added.

{<Aside.>Do you think it would be a fun idea to have a silly competition to ” identify the dummy board” from the back? They do look the strangest shapes sometimes…might think about offering a prize for the first correct answer….? }

Here she is painted  and complete with her PastMastery seal. This is to prove that she is a REAL  hand painted figure…. one of a kind. I’ve added a small drawing pin into the photo, so you can  judge her size a little better.

The finished Lacemaker.

In this photo she is busy in the Old Kitchen of my display house. You can see she has acquired company in the form of the miniature 19th century Springer Spaniel! It’s a big kitchen…she’d get lonely!

Busy at work.....

This is what my customer said when she had opened her package. She wrote to me;

I am so genuinely thrilled with my Dutch lady. I had no idea that such a tiny figure could look so real. She stands out marvelously from any background I set her against. What a very clever girl you are to get so much detail into such a small space.  I really must get a move on with her ‘home’. I can’t lag behind now!

Another satisfied customer!

Looks as if we might have another two commissions soon. We shall document them here for you to follow.

And I shall try not to make them sound too naughty……

Oh well… alright…if you insist! 😉

Double entendres…don’t you just love’em?

Tee Hee!

Next post? We shall see what has happened to Small Dog and her girl.

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