A dog and her girl.

At last, Small Dog and the Lydiard Girl which are destined for Sandra’s nursery, are finished. I will take them to the Kensington Dollshouse Festival with me today.

Here is a link to Sandra’s work in progress. She has come along way in a short time. Progress Report

When we last saw them, they looked like this…..

The Lydiard Girl and Small Dog...nearly there...

Now they are completely painted with a coat of PVA to protect them from the blade and have been cut out by Stephen, Dr. Guillotine himself! 🙂

Here is how it went. { Please excuse Stephen’s horribly earth-stained hands…he has been pond building all week! }

The First Cut

The first cut is horizontal into the white of the background wood. You are used to this by now. You know we cut off all the surplus first.

Then we have a vertical cut straight down to the base.

Cutting off the surplus

Dr.Guillotine strikes again...but heads WILL NOT roll I assure you.

The head is cut around.Dr. Guillotine is tempted but I have my beady eye on him! Easy so far.

The waist is indented. ( If  only it were this easy in real life to lose inches!)

Now we come to the tricky part of the right hand side. Ah…you thought it was all going to be plain sailing? Small Dog’s ears….you see?

They stick out…..not that I am saying that Small Dog has big sticky out ears! Perish the thought. She has already remonstrated with me ( and she has emailed to get Delphi  on her side ) about the fact I called her akin to a bathmat.  Of course I didn’t mean SHE was a bathmat…just that at that precise moment, my rendition of her looked like a bathmat ( keep digging Sue!) 😦   *sigh*

So I had better make it absolutely clear… Small Dog does not have sticky out ears….but her dummy board does!  ( phew )

The blade is run back and forth along the flat between Small Dog’s ears ( oh no I can see that will be construed as an insult too!) We shall have to be very careful here as there is a risk of chopping off her ears! They go across the grain and not with it.

The flat between Small Dog's delicate, perfectly proportioned, elegant ears! 😉

And down the side.

Why…you ask, did I paint in a background to have it chopped off? Has Dr. Guillotine gone mad?

No. I needed a darker background against which to put Small Dog, so that her lovely white wispy hair could be painted in. ( That should help to smooth her ruffled hairs….) We shall cut as close as possible to this to allow the detail to show up.

Now we cut the other side.

The neck is cut into ( ouch! )

And we indent the waist and the arm here.

Straight down to the base.

....nearly there....

The base is measured. Note the very precise and exact measuring that goes on in order for the bottom to be level. (LOL  ha….all done by eye!) And it is cut with a scalpel.

Such precision... 😉

The final cut


Now they are filed, sanded and bevelled. ( the edges are angled to reduce the width of the board upon which the painting is done, to help with the deception.)

The Lydiard Girl figure is an old one and so I am going to crackle varnish it to give it an aged appearance. I hope Small Dog doesn’t mind being aged…. I can see this is something else she might be cross about <sigh>. This involves my ‘secret recipe’ for aging things… ( if only I could do the same and have a recipe for “youngering”….things. I’d make a fortune! ) 🙂

Now I know what you are thinking! Crackle Varnish…PAH! that’s easy.

BUT…it’s not so easy to make the crackles ONE TWELFTH SIZE ,  <blow own trumpet>….well I have perfected a way of doing it. Say n’more.

Here is the finished article, painted, varnished and with a base, and sitting in my display house. They look very happy.

Ready for their new home...

I do hope that Small Dog approves of her dummy board. Even small entirely well bred ( and < ahem> drop dead gorgeous,)  dogs have very sharp teeth…..


See you at KDF…if she spares me…..

5 Responses to “A dog and her girl.”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Sandra is going to love the Dummy Board and I’m sure Small Dog will be just as chuffed now she is immortalized..
    Hope you have a wonderful time at Kensington today. xx

  2. Jean Day Says:

    She is so beautiful! Sandra will love it! The little doggy really does look like Sandra’s too. What a great little saw, so interesting!

  3. pastmastery Says:

    Thanks Debbie and Jean.. and yes Sandra did love her dummy board. We had a lovely long chat and then went our separate ways for the afternoon. I’m back now…had a drink of Dubonnet to revive the spirits and dinner my lovely husband prepared and now I’m going to bed.

    A lovely day catching up with all my friends.

    Such a lovely community of mini people. Wouldn’t be without you all.

    Really worth the pain it will be tomorrow.

    But I shall bounce back…to blog again.


  4. Sandra Says:

    I am absolutely delighted with her! Small Dog is most impressed too, and suitably mollified by being immortalised in oils.

    I’ve just blogged my day at KDF and will be adding the ‘back story’ to my dummy board tomorrow.

    Great to see you again Sue…… nice lazy day today for both of us after the rigours of yesterday!

    Once again….many thanks.


  5. Cypeteavere Says:

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

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