All back to front!

This competition is now over. This post reveals the answers and the winners.

I asked a little while ago if anyone would be interested in a bit of fun…. to identify the dummy board…from the back!

It seems you would!

So here we have a  PastMastery competition!

Anyone, anywhere can enter and I shall pick the correct answer from the emails I receive. SO it’s a case of send in your answer to

and I will put all the correct ones in a hat and draw out a winner.

Shall we say that a week from this post I will announce who has won and if they have a blog or a website I will feature a link to it on this blog? This allows everyone, who wants to, to have a go regardless of time zone. Does that sound fair?


The winner may choose from the following:

The Oudry fireplace board smoking, girl peeling

The photographic dummy boards

Girl with blue gloves

These are all photographic reproductions of miniature 1/12th PastMastery figures which I have painted in oils on bass wood over the past few years. I’ll post the prize to you at my own expense, regardless of where you are!

They are made in exactly the same way as the hand painted ones, except that they are photographs mounted onto basswood. Of course, they don’t have the PastMastery seal as they are not originals. But I will send you a leaflet explaining the figure you have chosen, which if you were to buy a photo figure, let’s say at a show, you wouldn’t ordinarily get.

If you’d like a dog….please choose  two.

Now for the shapes you have to identify!

Here they are.

There are six figures to identify.




NUMBER FOUR This one is a bit of a puzzler...odd angle but familiar!



You will have seen photos of these full sized historic figures on the blog over the past three months…look through the posts… just have to imagine what they might be like if you turned them round and looked at them from the back! What I am looking for is what I call them in my captions on the various posts on the PastMastery blog. OK?

I haven’t made it too easy!


Look forward to seeing what you all think!


6 Responses to “All back to front!”

  1. NIna Says:

    I’ve just sent my entry off to you — what fun! This was a brilliant idea for a contest, and was a great excuse for me to go back through your archived posts, enjoying them (and silhouette-spotting at the same time 🙂

    I’ve been lurking on this blog for a while now, but just wanted to say how very, very much I’m enjoying reading about dummy boards (which have fascinated me for quite a while) and your work as an artist. I’m particularly interested in miniature dummy boards, as I’m working on a William and Mary era dolls’ house and know that I want a few to liven the place up 🙂 I will try my hand at a few myself, but I know I’d love to become a customer, as well!

    All the best,


  2. Debbie Says:

    Great idea Sue. Think it will take me a week to find them..LOL

  3. pastmastery Says:

    Thank you Nina and Debbie, for your comments.
    I thought people might have a bit of fun!
    The readership ( which is quite good really for such a dry old esoteric subject,) has gone for six…over the stadium roof! ( as they say in cricket!)

    I am doing my best to shout to the world how great dummy boards are and how neglected an art from they have been over the centuries.

    Thanks for helping me.

  4. pastmastery Says:

    Nina…customers are always welcome….;)

    Friends get discount!


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