“IN reverse order..the winners are…..”


What you have all been waiting for  😉  … the results of the PastMastery competition.

From 187 entries in total 34 were correct in part and only 26 were completely correct.

Some of you got the pictures right but not the actual captions. Better luck next time.

So many of you got it right that I have decided to give a second and third prize too,

so the third name out of the hat was


The second name was


And..our overall winner is ( da dada da da da DAAAAA…)


Nina gets to choose what she would like to have from the figures I posted on the blog and her blog has gone into my blogroll. I will also put a special post out when she gets her prize, featuring her work.

Melanie will get a reproduction of the Oudry Fireboard and a piece on the post.

And Daisy will get a small dog and a bit on the post.

They will all be sent  off as soon as I get the addresses, in a response to my e mail, to the winners. When they arrive I’ll post any comments  here on the blog.

I am a bit disappointed that there were not more entries from the U.K. but never mind.


Man with barrel organ.


Number one was the back of the Street Musician c. 1780 5ft. This figure is at the V&A museum in London.

The Gardener...number one ...not two! Some of you got confused!


Number Two is the back of the Mid 18th century  Gardener from Wilberforce House Yorkshire 50 inches.

The front of Aaron...a dummy board designed for a church.


Number three is the back of Aaron…the caption read ” Saint Georgie as a dummy board? No actually it’s Aaron but it’s Biblical – it’ll do!”

The Saffron Walden Maid.... not my version though


Number four is the back of the Saffron Walden sweeping Maid c. 1730 5ft.

Lydiard Girl...again...not my copy!


Number five is the back of the early 19th century Lydiard Girl.

Mary from the Dairy right way round!


And Number six is the back of Mary from the Dairy, a life sized dummy board at Sulgrave Manor Northants. Actually a tapstress or barmaid.

Hope you all enjoyed that bit of fun…

The next competition will be probably at the end of the year… and I will be giving away…

A SPECIAL COMMISSIONED CHRISTMAS PIECE OF YOUR CHOICE. YES…That’s right…I will paint you a Christmas special….what ever you like. And it will arrive in time for you to use it to decorate your Christmas dollshouse or roombox. So KEEP reading the blog… the next competition requires you remember something important about dummy board figures! 😉

See….. I told you I would be testing you later…. 🙂

4 Responses to ““IN reverse order..the winners are…..””

  1. All back to front! « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] back to front! By pastmastery This competition is now over. This post reveals the answers and the winners. After a while this post will self […]

  2. Nina Says:

    Oh, I’m so excited, Sue! Thank you SO much for such a generous prize! I choose the Man with Cane, and he will have a special place in my William and Mary House 🙂

  3. pastmastery Says:

    A wise choice Nina. He is a super dummy board and one of the oldest I have come across.
    I’ll post him tomorrow.


  4. Daisy Says:

    Thank you so much!I loved the puppy, he’s beautiful.

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