Bad News – Good News?

A very sad thing has happened. It has never happened to me before. Do you want the bad news, or the good news first?

I had an e mail yesterday from the daughter of the lady who has commissioned my Governess and child.

My commission is never to be delivered. The nursery into which they were to have been ensconced will never be finished. My creation is surplus to requirements.

My poor client has died!

Well…I knew she was elderly but according to her daughter Margaret, she didn’t quite expect to be called that miniature mansion in the sky quite yet.

So there is no going back…nothing for it but to declare that my Governess and child are homeless.  😦

My client did thoughtfully send me a deposit, which I must say I require from all my commissioners, be they large dummy boards, little ones, mini pictures or full sized ones. Margaret will not require this sum of money to be returned, she tells me. She is not a miniature fancier. She has no interest in dolls houses or their contents. One thing is certain, my double dummy board will not be required to swell this particular collection and I have no idea what will happen to all my client’s mini bits and bobs.

So I will have to put my pair on sale at Kensington Dollshouse Festival on December 4th. And since I have been paid for a good part of the work I have done, I will be able to offer this dummy board to the masses at a reduced price!

Have a look at:

All in the Stars

for a look at the figure as it is at the moment. There is a bit more work to go on yet. I’ll post a picture when it’s complete.

BUT there is Good News- if anyone here is after a *one off * Georgian Governess and a young boy… speak now…or forever hold thy peace.

This dummy board can be had for An Even Better Price to readers of this blog. E mail me from

Some good may come out of the bad.


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