“This strange disease of Modern Life” Arnold.

What a steady stream of comments and e mails I have had now I have finally said, unequivocally, that I am laying down my dummy board paintbrush.

Thanks to everyone who has written with messages of support, compliments and condolences.

I am giving up painting boards for sale but I shall still paint tiny pictures. I am a ‘tiny’ person ( I wish.) I can’t do big. If I couldn’t paint…if I gave up altogether, I might as well not exist.

Girl with watering can 41/2 inches and the one inch fire screen Rose basket.

There are two things I live for ( besides my dog, my husband..note the order < ahem> and my friends, ) creativity and music. Proper music that is. Music that was written with blood, sweat and tears many years ago by geniuses who had completed the training and knew what they were doing. Music that takes skill to execute today.

Boccherini and his 'audience'

Art ( in all its forms ) that was made by skilled and dedicated artisans.

Hogarth and his pug Trump. Wonder how he got his name don't we?

I’ve told you before I am an old fashioned girl….can’t be doin’ with this 20th/21st century stuff!Β  πŸ˜‰

Oh how I love the 17th century. I am a lady well out of her age.

I had an e mail the other day, one from a collector of my things ( yes I did have one or two ) πŸ˜‰ who lives in London and who has A Title……{ Oh you…big head!}

She very sweetly told me

” Sue, you are a wonderful painter, a novel artisan, an unquestionable authority on your subject, a fabulous raconteur and a charming and proper lady to boot!”

I thought that was something coming from a’ ‘real lady’!

She urges me to carry on writing a blog of some kind as she loves to read it, for…

“Your pearls of wisdom, your understated humour which never fails to make me LOL and the absolute finesse in all you do and say.”

HEAVENS! ( Thank you from the heart of my bottom, Kate ) πŸ™‚

Well yes…I am most definitely a lady out of her age. I deplore the demise of femininity ( and here I mean what it is to be feminine- not Feminism which is another thing entirely and not as you might think, mutually incompatible. )

And it has set me thinking that I might carry on a blog on the subject of modern life…..itsΒ  silliness and stupidities, its lack of decorum and grace and what it means to be a ‘lady’. And I would hope to do it in a sideways slanted way, gently!

Now, I can’t honestly, hand on heart say, that I am a Lady all the time. Like everyone, I have my moments. However, I do try.Β  I try to live by a rather idiosyncratic code which is rather old fashioned and might seem a trifle old hat….passe, antiquated and not relevant to today’s way of life.

So be it. I don’t like modern life anyway as I have said. I find it brash, loud, lacking in decorum or gentility and hard jolly work!

If you would enjoy something like that…. please tag along. And pass comment. I love comments…..they make me think.

I think my dummy boards would approve.

Elisabeth Bennet, Austen's famous character from Pride and Prejudice. 5ins.

They hail from an age that had far more charm than our own. They are charming artifacts in themselves, as you have found, those who have been with me in this blog from the beginning.

If they could speak, I’m sure they would make short shrift of the ‘me’ generation..politely giving them a nudge towards the art of selflessness and the importance of good manners.

They are in some cases quite beautiful to look at….if they could speak, again, they would tell us that beauty is not enough without charm and good breeding. Rather like one of these modern roses – without scent, a vintage car without any petrol in the tank or a beautiful purse devoid of pennies.

They have lasted an age. They carry on still. They are not a ‘flash in the pan’, as are many things today. They continue to lurk in the shadows, watching, waiting; serenely carrying on in the face of adversity, with grace and style.

I hope I can. πŸ˜‰


4 Responses to ““This strange disease of Modern Life” Arnold.”

  1. Sally Watson Says:

    Oh I’ll be tagging along for sure my dear. Don’t let it grind you down!

  2. Sandra Says:

    Hear hear!

    Couldn’t agree more….

    Had to suppress a giggle over ‘decorum’ though. I remember the witty riposte of another titled ‘gent’, Sir Les Paterson, formerly Australian Cultural Attache, who when challenged over his lack of decorum, replied “No decorum? I’ve got decorum coming out of my a**e!”

    Apologies for lowering the tone. I’ll get me coat……

    Sandra x

  3. zenia Says:

    Glad to hear you are carrying on blogging. As always you make me smile.
    Zenia xx

  4. pastmastery Says:

    Sally…Glad to hear it….Grind me down..Naaah….Nevair…mind you…there’s a fair bit to grind….

    Sandra….Oh dear..here we go…I can see this is going to be…..

    My blog just wouldn’t be the same without you and SD! Lowering the tone indeed? Again, Nevair It’s already AT rock bottom!

    Zenia… Glad I do….someone has to take on the old role of the Court Jester….I’ll get me ‘at!

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