All I want for Christmas…..

This just a quick post to say that we shall be at the Kensington Dollshouse Fair on Saturday December 4th. Find us in the very centre of the Main Hall.

This is the last time you will see us there as we shall be exhibiting no more.

SO do drop by and say hello…or goodbye. < sigh>

Just to remind you of

Our display house with the 17th century roombox.

what we have for sale… here is a picture of a previous show.

The London Street

The Morning Room.

Many of the figures you see here are still for sale. They will be heavily discounted at this show.

The Grand Salon

These figures are the ones offered as a prize in the PastMastery competition and so are not for sale.

The little pug, the basket of kittens, the Ginger jar and the fireboard are still available.

Handel's music room

Handel and Mozart might decorate your own music room some day but Boccherini ( Dear Luigi ) stays with me. He is my favourite. Handel’s cat on the stool is for sale though.

There are a few I am keeping back for myself. For my new project. Hush Hush. A very few, I simply cannot bear to part with.

And for the rest…well…it’s rather like being the last puppy in the pet shop before Christmas Day. They all need to go.

All I want for Christmas is that my creations go to good homes.


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