Off you go!

I apologise, dear readers, for not posting earlier but my trip to The Kensington Dolls house and Miniature Fair on Saturday, completely wiped me out! ( As they say).

IN more ways than one.

It has taken me this long to be able to stand up without too much pain ( and that is with my special tablets!)


I sold off most of my miniature figures and now only have a few left. After my competition ( ends Sunday 12th ) I will put those figures I still have on this blog and reduce them further. They must go to good homes for Christmas! This will be, of course, minus the figure that my competition winner chooses.

I now have only 12 correct answers. You have a one in twelve chance ( so far ) of winning a Gainsborough dummy board of your choice. QUICK!  enter the competition.

I am also very glad that the snow has gone. Wiped out too…. thank Heavens!

It is still minus 10 in the garden overnight though. It’s nice to have snow at this time of year to make it Christmassy ( or should that strictly be Adventy?) but we have to spare a thought for all those people who still must get to work. Nurses, firemen ( yes they are still busy even in this weather ), carers in Care Homes and people of this ilk,  upon whom other people really rely and without whom, many people will be totally stuck.

We must also think about those who work outside…like my poor husband. A static job ( it’s been rose pruning), in minus ten is no fun! Some days of course he has had no work at all….the ground is frozen as hard as a harlot’s heart! And that -when you are self employed, is frightening. The ground not the harlot’s….oh never mind….;)

So…off you go nasty weather….off you go.… and you too, my esteemed readers, of you go and enter my competition and then OFF one of my Gainsborough  miniatures will go to a lucky winner!

Next post?


STILL for sale...The Mistletoe outside figure.


3 Responses to “Off you go!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Glad to hear your recovered from KDF, Sue. I know a few of the exhibitors couldn’t get there and that quite a few visitors couldn’t either. But those that did said they had a brilliant time..

  2. pastmastery Says:

    Yes thanks Debbie…it’s jolly hard work! Missed a lot of friends…

  3. First Come First Served! « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] girl.(She is on the last but two posts on the blog )£25.00 Off You Go! Lady with red rose £16.00 The scholar £10.00 (He is in the middle of the […]

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