First Come First Served!

It is now only 11 days and 21 hours ( as  I begin to write ) to Christmas!

I hope you are all suitably decorated. I hope that you are chewing through your Christmas card list and that you have wrapped dozens of parcels with just a few to go. Not all that long ago I was in a bit of a tizzy wondering how on earth I was going to manage it all! But here we are and I have nearly finished.


Now that I feel a little more settled about my domestic Christmas arrangements, I can set myself to my PastMastery dummy board arrangements.

As promised here are the figures that are left after the prize has been doled out ( My winner JIll has chosen her prize). Here is what she said….

I love your dogs so much that I must have Gentleman with Greyhound.

So off they go to deepest, darkest Yorkshire where I am sure they will be very happy. Pictures, she promises me, will follow.

IN the PastMastery  Display House we still have:

Lady with Ostrich feather fan ( and pillar) Nick has just bought her!

The lady with ostrich fan leans on a pillar

Mozart £48.00

You would need a harpsichord or spinet for this one. He could lean on a table too.

The Lacemaker no 2 £26

This is the second may remember I blogged the making of number one.

kittens in a basket ( no chips) £10 ( Bon is now the owner of this little basket of fun!)

they are very tiny

On the street we have:
The naive Wilberforce House Gardener £10.00

He is extreme right. Not his politics I hasten to add!

London Theatre Pair £25.00 ( they can be split at £ 14 each) ( The gentleman has gone to Veralie , the lady is still for sale and since she is now alone, she can be £12.00)

Henry cat is sold but I do have him as photographic dummy boards. See below!

Mistletoe girl.(She is on the last but two posts on the blog )£25.00 Off You Go!
Lady with red rose £16.00
The scholar £10.00 (He is in the middle of the street.)

all will be charged carriage at cost.

I am also hoping to offer the display house for sale. I have absolutely no idea if any one would want it but my friends in the ‘know’
tell me that it might be something someone would like.

It has black and white  line drawings on the back walls of all the rooms. This was done so that the items we were displaying, which of course are in colour, would show more readily against them. They can be removed easily. But they do show up things very nicely should you wish to keep them.

From top left to bottom right…the drawings are:

The Morning Room…. The Salon at Woburn Abbey

The Grand Salon, A friend’s house in Oxfordshire

The Long Gallery, Hardwick hall

Handel’s House ( his bedroom…yes it really is )

The Butler’s Pantry, Leeds Castle kitchen

The Old Kitchen, Canons Ashby kitchen.

The furniture is stuck down and this too is all black and white. It can be prised up as it’s only held with a light application of PVA.

The rooms get deeper as you go towards the top. This is to allow for storage at the back.The Mansard roof is hollow, again for storage.

The front is hand painted in bricks and stones.

The street is separate and butts up against the front of the house. ( Has its own storage case). Railings are attached and there are steps down the a pathway.

The outside of the main house has PastMastery applied in paper onto a black lacquered surface and it can be removed with stripper.

The front is removable and fits into the space with turning toggles. The logo on it, again can be removed.

The floors are papers and have seen a lot of wear ( blue tac’d my figures to them) so they would need to be replaced ( except the marble of the Grand Salon).

The whole house is lit from the front.

I really have no idea how much it is worth. But if I count the cost of the materials and a little for labour ( just a little ) I think it might be possible for it to go to a new home for £150!!!

Let me know if you would like me to take some further photos.

Buyer collects or arranges collection. Speak to me nicely ( and up the price a bit ) and I’ll get my carriers to deliver! 😉

I ALSO HAVE quite a few photographic representations…dummy boards of my original figures which are photos.

They are quite good and are perfectly adequate to display in your houses.


They are absolutely no use to me whatsoever as I do not have a dollshouse and am keeping the roombox with the original 17th c. figures so do have some dummy boards I want but there will be no room for these.

Please consider giving them a good home or I will have to give them to the dustman!

I have uploaded a sheet with the names of the figures on the dummy boards. If you click on the picture I hope it comes up life sized for you to read

SMALL would be something like a small dog. £TWO POUNDS!

MEDIUM is a small person or a large dog £ FOUR POUNDS

LARGE is a life sized person.£FIVE POUNDS


{ Just to let you know I have only got – 3 Butlers left, only 1 Rotterdam Sweeper, 1 candle girl, 1 pair of seated servants, 3 girl with white pinny,  1 pair of spaniels, 2 Leeds Castle J Russells, 2 Toleware terriers, 3 Henry cats, 2 West highland terriers, 4 King Charles Spaniels, 4 man in red coat, 2 Lady with red fan, 2 lady with blue gloves, 3 pairs of Theatre figures, 2 Floras,  2 raised pies, 3 basket of fruits, 2 Baton Rouge girl and only one Gentleman with cane ( though I do have a 1/24th one which someone might like if they let me know }.

I’ll keep this updated daily.

If you would like a small one please send me stamps to the value of the item and £1 more for post and packing. If you are abroad let me know and I’ll e mail you the cost of the postage. We can sort out the details later. 🙂

Please send a cheque plus £2 for post for the others. E mail me at sue@pastmastery for address etc.


All that remains is to say that I hope you enjoy browsing and see you soon.



MY JUL DECORATIONS and some lovely Santa figures made by one of my Blog followers.


5 Responses to “First Come First Served!”

  1. Irene McCulloch Says:

    Hello Sue,

    I’m so sorry to hear you will no longer be continuing with your PastMastery blog. It always made fascinating reading.

    I would love to own your Werribee Butler (photographic representation) and would be pleased to receive your details by email.

    I wish you all the best with your future projects.

    Kind regards, Irene.

  2. pastmastery Says:

    Thank you Irene… I’ll e mail you.

  3. bonsmots Says:

    Sue, I would love to have the Teeny Basket ‘o’ Kits. They are so sweet. Let me know the approx postage and I’ll pay by PayPal.


  4. Sue Says:

    Thanks Bon. I have e mailed you.

  5. It’s a New Year Treat! « Pastmastery's Blog Says:

    […] have a few photographic ones still hanging about. If you would like to have one ..please refer to this post ( bottom) to see what they look like, let me know and they will be on their way to you. All I need […]

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